Terms of Service


  1. Be sure you have read the Frequently Asked Questions and understand all of the requirements for completing this course.
  2. Review the hands-on training schedule above under Class Information, and be sure that you will be able to participate in each of the hands-on sessions. Missing a session will result in failure of the course. No refunds will be available for absent students.
  3. Payment must be received prior to the start of the course for your registration to be processed in time to begin the class. Late payments will not be accepted.
  4. You will need to have a physical examination form completed before the second session. Contact us for form.
  5. Request syllabus for specific course information on: college credit, payment options, online access and student responsibilities.
  6. FIDO Pin Number, requirement of TCFP. You can create a FIDO Pin number on TCFP website, if you do have pin number.